Saturday, January 18, 2014

Saturday evening inspiration time.

As this Saturday evening comes to a close, I'm proud to say that Matt and I have accomplished a lot. We registered! How fun it was to pick the things we need for our future home together. I really do look forward to making casseroles in my VERY OWN 9x13" casserole dishes! I am also kinda stoked on the food processor and blender. However, the item I hands down, absolutely cannot wait to use is.... MY OWN VACCUUM. Hahaha!! The things are just things, but the time spent using those things is what I'm really looking forward to. Making meals for my husband, eating together at a table in our very own place, doing dishes and putting them into spots we will choose. It's not our parents house, it will be our own. I am very grateful for all the wisdom my mother has been pouring into me over all these years, I hope I make a good wife. I fear I will fall short, but I also know I will try every single day to serve my husband. God has really blessed me with a good man. He is so understanding of me, doesn't raise his voice if I do something (admittedly) wrong or silly, he is always willing to talk to me about silly stuff my girl brain freaks out over. On top of all that we laugh together, adventure together, and miss each other when we aren't together. I can't wait to be his wife. 

Other accomplishments include engagement picture wardrobe picked, wedding planner hired with our first appoiment in a few weeks, apartment hunting process beginning (any advice welcomed. Please. Help. Lol) and vendor contracts started. 
Anyway, here are some pretty pictures from my Pinterest ( that are inspiring me!


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